Chelsea by Cressey – Vancouver

Located at Cambie Street & West 31st Avenue, just steps from Queen Elizabeth Park and minutes from Downtown Vancouver, Chelsea is a stunning collection of 79 condominiums and townhomes that combine Parkside Elegance with Uptown Style. IN A PEACEFUL RESIDENTIAL ENCLAVE, CHELSEA OFFERS YOU THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. ENGAGE QUICKLY WITH VANCOUVER’S URBAN ENERGY OR RELAX AT HOME IN THE…

How to find the Best Floor Plan in Presale Market

Presale condos and townhouses are on the rise right now, there are numbers of new project promoted monthly.  Most developers are making significant investment in the presentation centre to provide the best possible experience to attract potential buyers. As a prospective buyer, you may have the opportunity to view a vignette of the home or a full display unit. As it is impossible to demonstrate all floor plans in the presentation center, by scouting a floor plan accurately will certainly help.